Dramatis Personae
2:40 p.m. - 2004-01-12

Dramatis personae

The Love—a long distance one who goes by Dan the Man.

The Mom—lives in El Paso, Texas and knows the 411 of any given family member at any given time.

The Brothers—Richy, Filly and Jorge all made bad choices on wives and girlfriends.

The Sisters—Liz and Gabi all independent women with a good head on their shoulders.

The Nieces—Joann, Chirsty, Linette and Kendra. Joann, Linette and I used to be the 3 Amigas when I lived back in El Paso, we’re still cool, but I’m far away.

The Nephews—Richard, Ricky, Raymond, Vincent and J.D. all very cute little men, especially that Ricky.

The Chilean—Carolina, Gabi’s best friend.

The Online Buddy— The Bill Man , a very good friend and confidant and fellow writer.

The Favorite Co-Workers—Lalis, Linda and Becky.

The Disliked Co-Workers—Marina, Nelly, Nadia and Monica.

The Liked Co-Workers—Salaha, Monica, Carmen, Carla and Joe Robert.

The Stinker—Salvadoran man who cleans the office and wears tons of cologne.

The Pets—Elmo and Zoe are Gabi’s. I have 3 Betta’s and two dogs in El Paso named Gejovi and Fufurufa.

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