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10:46 a.m. - 2005-01-26

Things got really good after I got my period. It just so happened that the evening before I got it, I made the decision that I would hold off the grad school thing for a year because it made more sense to try to get into a good school than to just any school. I also talked over the whole Daniel moving in thing with my roommate which she was totally cool with. Actually, sheís the one that suggested it which makes it seem like it was all her idea. Hehe, cool. Anyway, uhm now, the stresses or on getting in touch with my damn advisor for my minor. I think we need to sign a degree plan in order for me to apply for graduation. I donít think itís enough to have declared a major and minor but also to have signed a plan and blah blah blah. I also need to make an appointment with my English department advisor and I need to go get in touch with Debra to find out about getting credit without taking a class so that my Spanish class this semester looks like an elective so that I can say, ďAhem, I took a 4000 level Spanish class as an elective.Ē Of course, itís a bit harder because my sister is teaching it so sheís going to be more critical of me. Itís weird too. I have to refer to her as a grown up and call her Dr. Last Name. Whoa, weird. In any case, itís kinda cool because Iíll probably be taking classes taught by people who are my friends, so this is sort of a crash course on how to be professional in the classroom.

Iím uber excited about Dan the Man moving down. I know we may be at each otherís neck for a while, but itís going to be so cool The one thing Iím going to be most grateful for is that heíll be able to see how much work I really have to do and not get all pissy about me losing track and calling late because I was working. I just hope heís not like Doug on King of Queens. I doubt he will be, but well, you never really know right?

In other news, my girlfriend is back from Venezuela. She brought me tons of candy and hugs and kisses. Hehehehe. Iím a whore.

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